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    Home page of website dedicated to the works of Ervin Bossanyi, the Hungarian artist who was famous for his stained glass. He also gained a reputation for his painting and sculpture.

  • The Artist
    The Artist was born into a liberal Jewish family in Hungary. He studied at the School of Applied Art in Budapest and continued his studies in Rome, Paris and London between 1910 and 1913.

  • The Gallery
    A gallery of some of the stained glass, paintings, sculpture and other works of art created by the Hungarian artist, Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975).

    • Stained Glass
      A gallery of stained glass creations by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi001
        Stained glass panel entitled "Music Leaving Her Fingers", 1926. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi012
        Stained glass panel, entitled "Evening" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi018
        Large rose stained glass window with African birds and Christ blessing a black and a white bird by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi019
        Stained glass centrepiece of large rose window with Christ blessing a black and a white bird by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • Full_window
        Stained glass window on the subject of conserving plants and their healing by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • mother & child
        Stained glass panel entitled "Mother and Child" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • inhishands
        Stained glass window entitled "In His Hands the Seeds Will Grow" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • peace
        Large stained glass window entitled "Peace" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • shivaji
        Cartoon for a proposed large stained glass window on an Indian historical story by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • paintings
      A gallery of paintings and sketches by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • 3girls
        Oil painting of three girls in a boat and geese on the Danube, circa 1940, by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • anyeggs
        "Seeing If Any Eggs", a painting on wood by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi
        Pencil drawing of a man working in the kitchen by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi010
        Oil painting on wood of two black horses and human figure by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi011
        Oil painting on wood entitled "Winter in Hungary" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi013
        Oil painting on wood entitled "Hungarian Fisherman's Family" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975).

      • ervinbossanyi017
        Pencil drawing of a young girl reading a book by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi020
        Oil painting on wood entitled "The Little Sculptress" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi021
        Oil painting on wood entitled "At the Well" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi022
        Oil painting on wood entitled "The Road Workers" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi023
        OIl painting on wood entitled "The Herdsman's Night" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • ervinbossanyi024
        Oil painting on wood entitled "Hungarian Peasants Collecting Flour from a Danube Water Mill" by Ervin Bossanyi

      • littlepigs
        Oil painting on wood entitled "Feeding Little Pigs" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

      • dancing
        Oil painting entitled "Dancing in the Shadow of a Stork" by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

  • Other Works
    Other artistic achievements by Ervin Bossanyi included interior design, furniture, sculpture, textile wall hangings, friezes and ceramics.

    • ervinbossanyi002
      Brass candelabrum, 1920's. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • ervinbossanyi004
      Wooden chair, 1920's. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • ervinbossanyi014b
      Sculpture in fired clay entitled "The Flower Girl, Rose", mid 1920's. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • ervinbossanyi015
      Mural over a doorway in a public building in Germany by Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • ervinbossanyi016
      Metal and glass lampshade for ceiling light, 1920's. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

    • gate
      Wrought iron gate with initials of members of a family. Early 1950s. By Ervin Bossanyi (1891-1975)

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