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The Life and Fascinating Career of ERVIN BOSSANYI

Ervin Bossanyi was an immensely productive and versatile artist who worked in several countries and with a wide variety of media. His work is in a number of public buildings, in museums and in private collections. Although known in various specialist circles, he remains a largely unknown figure; partly due to the vicissitudes of life and events, partly because he shunned publicity and the commercial art world, and was happiest when working in the peace of his studio.


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Yet his life and career is a fascinating story closely interwoven with major upheavals and events in European and world history of the 20th century. His artistic achievements range from small personal ornaments made mostly for his wife, to major stained glass windows in prestigious buildings such as Canterbury Cathedral, for this and future generations. They also range from furniture and interior decoration design, from lamps and candelabra, fire places and fountains and textile wall hangings, to ceramic sculptures and friezes, pencil drawings, water colour and oil paintings.


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